Winnerwell vs Gstove – Best Wood Burning Stoves for Tents

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Do you love camping in the winter but have a hard time keeping your tent warm? Perhaps a wood stove would be a good idea, but there are so many alternatives, how do you know which one to get? Let’s take a closer look at the two best wood stoves for winter camping, Winnerwell vs Gstove, and see which one is the best choice for you.

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When it comes to wood stoves for tents, it’s crucial that you go for a well-established, reputable brand. That’s why we have chosen to focus the comparison between Winnerwell and Gstove wood stoves in this article.

Winnerwell vs Gstove – Which one is Better?

To make your decision a bit easier. Are you mostly hiking and backpacking? If so, you need to get the Winnerwell Fastfold stove. If you, on the other hand, have access to a vehicle when going camping, the weight does not matter as much and you should definitely go for either the GStove or the Winnerwell Nomad stove as they are both excellent options.

Let’s take a closer look at both brands and compare the two.

Winnerwell Wood Stove

The Winnerwell brand has several stove series available on the market, so we will focus on three of the more popular models, namely the Fastfold stove series, the Nomad stove series, as well as the Woodlander stove series.

Winnerwell Fastfold Titanium Stove

The Winnerwell Fastfold stoves are made from titanium, this is the highest quality wood stove you can get for winter camping. Being built in titanium the stove offers incredible heat transfer and warp resistance.

The Fastfold stove is incredibly lightweight, only 4.4lbs for the stove and the pipe combined. The 9-foot long pipe rolls into a manageable 12″ cylinder, ideal for transportation.

winnerwell fastfold wood stove

This is by far the best wood stove from Winnerwell if you ask me, but make your due diligence and read up on other customers’ reviews.

For a wood stove of this quality, you should expect to pay around $499 without additional accessories. See the current price on Amazon.

Winnerwell Nomad Stove

The Nomad stove series is precision-crafted in 304 stainless steel and will never rust. It is ideal for heating and cooking in compatible tents and general outdoor cooking situations.

Compatible with all large sizes and 3.5″ Winnerwell stove accessories. The stove is easy to move around and folds neatly into a manageable size for storage. Comes with a carry handle, nesting legs and the side shelves fold flat on the stove.

winnerwell nomad wood stove

With this wood stove, you can only burn dry, seasoned wood. The Winnerwell Nomad stove is not suitable for burning coal.

You should expect to pay somewhere around $399 for this stove. See the current price on Amazon.

Winnerwell Woodlander Stove

The Woodlander stove from Winnerwell is made from stainless steel, just as the Nomad stove it is built to last in any kind of weather.

You can use the Woodlander stove for preparing food for up to four people, and the inside is very easy to clean between each use.

winnerwell woodlander wood stove

The Woodlander stove is made to burn dry, seasoned wood. For the best result, you should consider using any hardwood or aspen. This stove is not suited for burning coal.

For this model you should expect to pay around $399, if you want the large model or if you want specific add-ons, the price will be significantly higher. See the current price on Amazon.

GStove Heat View Wood Stove

Compared to Winnerwell, GStove only has one model available on the market. This makes your choice a lot easier if you are only interested in getting this brand. However, when comparing Winnerwell vs GStove you may find that one of the other models in this article is better suited for you.

The GStove wood stove is the most classical stove available, precision-crafted in stainless steel which both looks and feels top quality. Many campers know about the GStove brand as it is highly reputable in the community.

gstove heat view wood stove

This stove is easy enough to pack with you on any of your adventures, weighing 20 lbs it is not the most lightweight woodstove out there, still quite a bit lighter than some of the other models.

Just as with the Winnerwell stoves, the GStove also has plenty of accessories you can get for extra utility and comfort.

The major downside is that this stove is made in Norway, which makes it quite difficult to find in the states, or even outside of northern Europe.

When purchasing a GStove Heat View wood stove you should expect to be paying about $360 without any extra accessories. Get yours from


When deciding which tent stove best suits you, we need to look at your specific situation. Are you a hiker, enjoying backpacking and carrying your equipment with you at all times? Or are you traveling by car, and don’t mind a heavier stove for your camping trips?

We highly recommend the Winnerwell Fastfold Titanium stove to anyone who is serious about their camping and wants an ultralight, compact stove that they can carry with them without hassle.

The Gstove is sold and shipped from Norway and as such not as easily accessible outside of Europe. However, if you manage to get a hold of one, they are premium quality and will last you a long, long time.