Best Sleeping Bags under $50 in 2022

best sleeping bags under 50

When out camping it can be difficult, and even expensive to try and stay warm. That’s why you should invest in a sleeping bag that is warm and will last for a long time. High-quality sleeping bags are often expensive, with price tags ranging all the way to $500 or more. However, there are great … Read more

How to keep milk cold while camping

how to keep milk cold while camping

Camping trips are a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But one of the biggest challenges that campers face is how to keep food cold when camping. Milk especially is a perishable product, which means that it can only last for a certain amount of time before going … Read more

How to Remove Mold from Backpack

how to remove mold from backpack

Opening your backpack and finding mold would make most of us toss it out and buy a new one, but is it possible to remove mold from a backpack? Mold can form very quickly in a backpack, if it’s used outdoors, in wet, rugged weather, you might find mold in your backpack the next time … Read more

How to Humanely Kill a Bird

how to humanely kill a bird

Are you wondering how to humanely kill a bird? Perhaps you have stumbled upon an injured bird and want to end the suffering? What do you do if you find an orphaned, sick, or injured bird? As a human, it is our nature to extend our help to any living things in this world. But … Read more

Wolf Paw vs Dog Paw – How to Differentiate the two

wolf paw vs dog paw

As a camper, you don’t want to set up your tent in an area with lots of wild animals. If you do not examine the area’s condition and what types of animals are in it, you might be risking your safety. One of the most important things to learn when camping outdoors is how to … Read more