How to Get Tent Stakes Out of the Ground

Tent stakes help further support and make your tent even stronger. It is used to ensure that your tent will not be blown over by strong winds. In line with that, you need to select tent stakes that suit the campsite. For example, you will need broader stakes when setting up your tent on sandy ground. On the other hand, robust aluminum stakes are ideal for rocky soil.

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Although getting tent stakes into the ground is easy, getting them out is quite harder. There are some techniques and tools you need to use to ensure that you will remove the stakes out of the ground without causing much damage.

How to Easily Get Tent Stakes Out of the Ground

When you place the tent stakes on hard ground, you might have a hard time getting them out. Thus, you will need to use a method that requires extra skill and strength. In this post, you will find our best four methods on how to get tent stakes out of the ground.

Use a Sledgehammer

If you have a sledgehammer with you on your camping trip, you can use it to take out the stakes from the ground. Using either a sledgehammer or mallet, hit the stake on both sides.

Even though this is the most effective way to get the stakes out of the ground, it may not work best for all. Experts do not recommend using this method as it can cause serious injuries, especially if you are not used to using a sledgehammer and similar tools.

If you use the sledgehammer method, you will need protective gear to at least minimize your risk of injuries. You must wear steel-toed boots, goggles, and hand gloves. This Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will keep you from getting hurt and protect your eyes from any sharp debris.

The goggles will protect your eyes against metal fragments that could lead to severe eye damage. Aside from that, using a sledgehammer method requires you to have better hand-eye coordination and strength to ensure that the tool will hit directly to the stake without causing any damage or injury.

Accurately hitting the target is a must to help you remove the stake easily. Experts do not recommend this technique because it does not only damage the ground but also puts you at risk. Your main goal here is to get out the stake from the ground without damaging the earth and the stake itself.

Use a Hammer

As mentioned earlier, tent stakes that are placed into the hard ground are hard to remove. When removing the stakes using any special tool, you are more likely to experience back injuries. To avoid that, you may consider using a hammer to aim the target.

Almost all campers have a hammer in their tool kit, if not, you really should consider bringing one on your next trip. What makes it a good tool in removing tent stakes from the ground is that it is shock-absorbent and tough. Thus, it does not pose much tension on your hands.

Aside from removing stakes, a hammer is also an ideal tool to insert the stakes into the ground because it features a sturdy metalhead. On the other hand, hammers feature claws which you also can use to pull the tent stakes out of the ground.

Before you start extracting the stakes, make sure that you have a good grip on the hammer. You may also use gloves to protect your hands from any tension.

Simply Pull the Stake

The first thing you should do before removing the stake is to examine the ground where it has been driven into. Take note that if you find driving the stake into the ground difficult, you should expect that pulling it out is even harder.

If you have no choice but to drive the tent stakes into hard grounds, make sure to select the ones suitable for the type of ground. If you placed the tent stakes into wet, loose dirt, you can easily pull them out using your hands.

Moving the stakes in a circular motion will make the hole even bigger since the dirt becomes looser. If you think doing this method is quite hard, you may use either a rope or cord for additional assistance.

Use a Tent Stake Extractor

The traditional method of pulling the tent stake works only with those that were driven in soft, loose ground. Although using a sledgehammer works in removing stakes that are placed into hard grounds, it is not always recommended as it requires more strength and skills.

But there is a safe alternative to the sledgehammer method, the tent stake extractor, such as this one from One of the good things about this tool is that it provides your hands with strength like the terminator robot. Through this, you can easily take out the stakes from the hard ground.

Aside from that, it is also easy to use. All you have to do is to set up the tool on the tent stake. After you push down the lever, it will start to lift the stake from the ground without causing any fuss. However, this is a fairly expensive tool and probably not something you will bring with you all the time.

Selecting the Proper Tent Stake

If you are a certified camper, you know the importance of having reliable tent stakes. Aside from holding your tents, it also works in holding camp covers, minimal tent, and footprints. Despite their importance in camping, many campers usually overlook them.

Before you select a tent stake, there are some essential factors you need to consider. A few of them are the following:

Know Your Terrain

To determine which style of tent stake you will need, you should first know the type of terrain you want to set up your tent. Is it rocky, hard, or loose ground? Various tent stakes are designed for different purposes. So, ensure to select one that will work best for the type of terrain you selected.

Determine the Tools You Will Need

Some tent takes require special tools to be driven in and out of the ground. Using a rock in doing the task will damage not only your hands but also the ground. Thus, it is ideal to know what tools you will need in employing and deploying your tent stakes.

Know How to Remove the Tent Stakes

Most of you may think that all stakes can be placed and removed from the ground similarly. Well, different stakes are available in different measurements and styles. This means that they require a specific method to be placed into the ground.

Determine the needs of each stake before you decide to purchase it. Also, determine if you have the right tools to deploy it and if it is suitable to the type of ground you have.

Select a Tent Stake

After you perform those three, you can now start picking your tent stakes. Tent stakes are available in different varieties. Each of them is made for a specific purpose. Plastic stakes should not be used in the bitter cold ground. Instead, use those stakes that are made with durable materials, such as metal and aluminum.

Ensure to handle your tent stakes properly. Even though selecting which stake is the best is kind of frustrating, they play a vital role in holding your tent and keeping it stable even during extreme winds.

Final Thoughts

If you are new to camping, tent stakes are tools designed to hold your tent firmly. Thus, it will stay in its position even during strong winds and rains. But, taking out tent stakes from the hard ground is not easy. You need to use the right set of materials and enough strength to do the task. But by following the tips mentioned above, you can take out your tent stakes from the ground without any hassle.

Make sure to extract the tent stakes properly using the right tools. Doing so will not only keep you away from possible injuries, but you will also cause lesser damage to the ground.