How to Replace Tent Zipper with Velcro

Knowing how to replace tent zipper with velcro is a much cheaper solution than buying a brand-new tent. Your tent features several zippers. After multiple times of zipping and unzipping it, it may be worn out easily. Aside from that, some tent features low-quality zippers. A broken zipper can cause bigger problems, especially when doing outdoor activities, like camping.

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Summer is the ideal season to go camping. But take note that too much heat could adversely affect your canopy. With the sun’s rays entering your tent, your camping stay will become uncomfortable and less enjoyable as you will go in and out more often.

Aside from that, too much heat could also pose stress on the tent zippers, causing them to wear out. As time goes on, the zipper or its individual teeth may malfunction or break. Aside from the sun’s rays, another reason behind the possible worn-out of your tent zipper is the stress caused by zipping it up and down.

In case your tent has a broken or damaged zipper, do not throw it in the garbage can. There is a way you can fix it while keeping you away from spending hundreds of bucks to buy a new one.

Why do You Need to Replace a Broken Tent Zipper?

There are several reasons you need to consider replacing or fixing your broken tent zipper. These include reasons such as the individual teeth or both zippers are broken.

Broken or malfunctioning tent zippers could cause you a lot of pain. But, you need to fix them as they play a vital role in providing you shelter while camping. A properly functioning tent zipper provides you with enough protection during extreme weather conditions.

Why do Tent Zippers Break?

Do you like camping? If so, you know how much trouble a broken zipper can cause you. Aside from not giving you enough protection from the heat and cold, broken zippers could also affect your camping experience.

The main function of a zipper is to give you extra protection against animals and weather. Mishandling the zipper could also be another reason why it breaks. In some cases, you use too much force to fix jammed zippers. You may forget that you are using too much force than required in the heat of the moment, which could entirely damage the zipper.

Worry no more because today, you will learn how to fix a broken zipper using Velcro.

Different Types of Tent Zippers

Before you start fixing your broken tent zippers, it is ideal for determining which type of zipper you have. There are three common types of tent zippers. These include stamped metal, stamped plastic, and coiled zippers.

Below is a brief introduction to each type of zipper.

Metal Zippers

Metal zippers are also known as stamped metal. These are the zippers with metal teeth. Since they are made with metal, they are the most durable type of tent zippers available on the market. On the other hand, they are not very flexible as the plastic-made zippers.

Molded Plastic Zippers

These are the zippers with teeth directly attached to the zipper tape. If you are on a budget, you may consider this zipper type. The only problem with this tent zipper is that once one of its teeth gets broken, you may have a hard time fixing it.

Coiled Zippers

These are the most popular types of tent zippers among campers because of their weight. Coiled zippers feature teeth made with polyester or nylon. It is also flexible and can be used in different situations. Because of its structure, you can use it for curved tapes, which are common in tents. Aside from being lightweight, these zippers are also durable and can last longer than the two mentioned zipper types.

Replacing a Broken Tent Zipper with Velcro

You only need to follow seven easy steps to fix a broken zipper properly.

  1. Measure your tent’s width and purchase a replacement zipper that matches the measurement.
  2. Using a pair of scissors, start to cut the old zipper.
  3. You need to sew the Velcro on the first side of your tent opening.
  4. Sew one Velcro in the middle and both ends of the zipper.
  5. Add other two Velcro pieces on top of the tent for an extra reinforcement.
  6. Ensure that the fabric is free from bubbles to ensure that the new zipper won’t get caught or jammed in between.
  7. Your tent now has a new zipper, which will allow you to enjoy your camping trip with friends.

How to Maintain a Tent Zipper?

Once you replace your broken and old zipper, you need to follow some guidelines to maintain its condition. Through this, you can protect yourself from different outdoor elements, including bug attacks.

The following are simple ways to maintain and extend the lifespan of your tent zipper.

Prevent Corrosion

The first thing you should do is to keep the tent zippers away from corrosion. Zippers are highly corrosive. Thus, make sure that they are free of grit, dirt, and salt. Every after camping, clean your tent, particularly its zippers. You can use a brush or clean cloth to wipe possible dirt or grime accumulated from your recent camping. Ensure to dry them before storage to ensure no corrosion will occur.


Lubrication is one important factor in ensuring that the tent zippers glide smoothly. A properly-lubricated zipper performs its work efficiently. So, make sure to add some lubricant to the zipper after you clean it.

You can find a lot of brands of lubricants on the market. Only choose those that are ideal for your tet zipper type. Zippers are usually made with metal or plastic. Thus, use a lubricant that is effective in extending the lifespan of your tent zipper.

Expert campers do not recommend a silicone-based lubricant as it easily attracts debris.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Tent Zipper?

If you don’t have time to fix the zipper of your tent, you may hire someone who can do the work for you. In line with that, you need to spend a little amount on the service.

In most cases, some companies or agencies offer services, such as fixing broken tent zippers, in different price ranges. But generally, hiring a professional to fix your broken tent zipper will cost you more or less 100 USD. Well, that is quite cheaper than buying a new tent.


Camping outdoors is one of the best activities you can do with your family and friends. It allows you to connect with each other and enjoy the fresh air brought by the trees. In line with that, do not let a broken zipper restrict you from having a wonderful camping experience. If you find something is wrong with your tent zippers, fix it right away.

Being a camping enthusiast, you know that there are some instances that your zipper gets jammed, which eventually leads to its breakage. Aside from that, other reasons that could cause zipper breakage includes improper lubrication. Despite that, there are some steps you can take to fix it. Consider the tips mentioned to fix your worn-out tent zippers.

Velcro is ideal in ensuring that your zippers will function smoothly. Beyond that, it also ensures that the tent zippers will have an extended lifespan. It’s a good idea to learn how to replace tent zipper with velcro if you are going to camp a lot.

Fixing a broken tent zipper is a more inexpensive alternative to buying a brand-new set of the tent. So, if you don’t have the budget to purchase another tent for your next camping trip, you better try fixing your tent zipper with Velcro.