Four Types of Tents BSA (Boy Scouts of America)

Are you fond of camping? If yes, how many types of camping tents do you know? In general, there are several tent types available. However, there are mainly four types of tents BSA (Boy Scouts of America) members use when camping.

Different types of tents vary depending on different factors. These include their weight, intended purposes, shape, and the number of individuals it can accommodate. For instance, the BSA uses the four following tent types.

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Many professional campers consider these tents safe and secure for camping and scouting.

Four Types of Tents BSA Uses

Whether you are a professional boy scout or a camping enthusiast, the first thing you should consider is your safety. Beyond that, you also need to think about the survival techniques you should remember when camping outdoors.

Scouts need the proper equipment that will support them for a more enjoyable journey. Since they tend to spend several days, or even weeks outdoors, they need a high-quality tent that will keep them safe and secure.

The following are four of the several types of tents that every boy scout should take to their next expedition.

Dome Tent

Dome tent is a tent type popular among individuals who love staying outdoors. It has a rectangular-shaped floor. The poles create a cross on top, which will hold the tent firmly. A dome tent is popular for its spacious and rectangular shape.

There are a lot of things to love about dome tents. Not only are they affordable, but they are also suited for use in most terrains and surfaces. Compared to other large-sized tent types, this one is lightweight and compact. Thus, you can easily pack it inside your backpack.

A regular dome tent usually features a fixed rectangular peak and shape. On the other hand, dome tents evolved in different shapes, with some having multiple rooms, irregular floors, and vestibules. A dome tent is ideal in all seasons. This means that you can use it for camping during the spring and summer months.

Another good thing about this BSA type of tent is its durable and sturdy poles. This means that it can resist a considerable amount of snow and strong winds during the winter season. These poles are available in a wide range of materials, including aluminum and steel.

On the other hand, setting up this kind of tent requires some time. New campers may have a hard time installing a dome tent. A medium-sized dome tent can accommodate up to four individuals.


  • It can stand firmly without requiring any guylines or staking.
  • Dome tents are stable and can withstand strong winds and extreme weather condition.
  • It has a triangular roof. This means that it will not collect any snow or rain on top.
  • Portable and compact, which allows you to store and transport it conveniently.
  • Spacious headroom.
  • Affordable and lightweight.


  • Some may find it difficult to install.
  • Dome tents usually have a fairly small entrance.

Wall Tents

Many consider a wall tent as a go-to shelter for various hunting adventures in different weather. It is popular for its comfort, spaciousness, and durability.

A wall tent is another type of BSA tent that features four vertical walls. In line with that, it has a more spacious room that can accommodate more than four individuals. Other terms for these tent types include outfitter tentssafari tents, and canvas hunting tents.

It is a tent that was used as a shelter a hundred years ago. No other design of wall tents has been released. That is what made this tent have its proven and original design. One of the good things about wall tents is that they are made using durable and high-grade canvas.

This type of tent is popular among hunters and adventurers. This is because of the wide space it offers. Beyond that, other models of wall tents allow campers to create a wood stove inside. Considering all these, wall tents are ideal camping equipment when camping in colder areas. They will keep you warm during your whole stay in that area.

The wall featured by this tent is constructed from nylon, canvas, and polyester-cotton blend. It is also ideal for keeping you warm during cold weather and windy months. You can select a canvas-made wall tent when camping during hot weather.

It contains two vertical poles handled by a ridge pole, which keeps them upright. Thus, it will keep you dry even during heavy rains. One of the benefits offered by a wall tent is its large windows, which you can open to have improved indoor ventilation. The window is usually made with mesh designed to boost air circulation inside the tent.


  • Firm and stable.
  • Spacious enough to accommodate more than four campers.
  • Made with high-quality materials.
  • Has windows to promote improved air circulation.
  • Waterproof.


  • Complicated to install.
  • Heavyweight.

A-Frame/Ridge Tent

Another type of tent ideal for camping outdoors is the frame/ridge tent. It features a letter A roof. Beyond that, it also comes with a water-resistant floor and a mosquito net. This tent is ideal to use even during rainy weather because its design is intended to keep you dry.

Since it has a mosquito net, it will protect you from insect bites and other weather elements. You can rest assured to have a peaceful nighttime rest outdoors. This A-shaped tent will give you higher and wider headroom. This design enables you to stand inside as you do other tasks.

This tent features one horizontal pole and two vertical poles that support the thick canvas. One of the best things about this tent is it is stable because of the guidelines and tie-outs that support its poles. On the other hand, it can only accommodate two individuals.


  • Anyone can set up this tent easily and conveniently.
  • Perfect for any weather condition.
  • Made with durable and waterproof materials.
  • Perfect for campers and boy scouts.


  • Quite heavy and difficult to store.

Breathable Tents

The last type of tent ideal for BSA purposes is the breathable tent. As its name suggests, this tent provides you an improved interior air circulation while keeping you from precipitation. Even though raining, breathable tents will keep you dry. You can have a relaxing sleep inside because of its spacious headroom.

These breathable tents are made with fine and versatile materials. It also features poles that will provide extra stability and protection during harsh weather. It also releases the moisture that your body produces, so you can have a peaceful rest.

You don’t need to use a rainfly to protect yourself against the rain, which other types of tents do. Breathable tents are available in a single-wall, which is beneficial and ideal to resist any weather condition. Moreover, they are also lightweight and easy to carry.


  • Water-resistant.
  • Made with sturdy materials.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Lightweight yet highly durable.


  • Among the four types of BSA tents, this one is quite expensive.
  • It does not have enough interior space and can only accommodate two people.

How to Take Care of Your BSA Tent?

After selecting which type of BSA tent fits your camping needs, you may be asking how to extend its lifespan. In line with that, you need to take care of it properly. Some ways on taking care of your tent are the following:

  • Dry your tent before storing.
  • Thoroughly clean the tent every after use.
  • Install the tent on a shaded campsite.
  • Consider adding a floor tap to keep the surface smooth.
  • Leave your shoes outside when entering the tent.

Final Thoughts

Different tents are defined depending on their purpose, materials, and shapes. The four BSA tents mentioned above are ideal for specific purposes. So, before selecting a tent type, make sure that you know your camping needs.

Wall tents are the most recommended type of tent for BSA by many because of their spacious interior and simple design.