Fleetwood RV Slide Out Problem

Slide outs on your RV are great for widening your living space. However, an RV slide out could also prove to be a huge problem if you do not know what to do when it malfunctions. If you encounter problems with your Fleetwood RV slide out, it can be a complicated task to try and fix yourself.

If your Fleetwood RV slide out is stuck, or simply fails to operate as intended, the easiest thing to try is to reset the slide out. How to reset depends on your make and model, but is detailed in the manufacturer’s handbook. Other common problems include faulty motor or pump, leaking hydraulic, and more.

Unless you, or someone you know, is a mechanic, we highly suggest you let a professional take care of your problem. If you break anything unintentionally, it can suddenly become very expensive to fix.

What is an RV Slide Out?

In case you didn’t know yet, an RV slide out is a part of a room inside your Fleetwood RV, which extends outward by flipping a switch or pushing a button. A slide out provides the luxury of lengthening your living area and retracting when you’re ready to move on. However, it can, and most probably will, malfunction sometimes.

The Problem with a Fleetwood RV Slide Out

As you can visualize or perhaps you have already experienced it, a malfunctioning Fleetwood RV slide out could be a major concern whether it’s stuck out or in. If your Fleetwood RV slide out is in the extended position (stuck out), you cannot get on the road.

It’s mostly not safe to drive with the slide out extended. You must get it closed first before you can safely take your RV on the road again.

Keep in mind that an RV slide out being stuck in a close position is less of a problem than it being extended. However, it can still cause many concerns. For instance, if the slide out is stuck in, an RV can become nearly unlivable many times. That’s especially true when the slide out encroaches upon the function of other amenities or blocks entryways, particularly if it prevents a room that someone is already inside of.

Common Causes of Fleetwood RV Slide Out Problems

Here are some of the problems you can experience with an RV slide out.

Hydraulic failure

Keep in mind that a hydraulic failure could cause many Fleetwood RV slide out problems. Typical hydraulic problems involve a hydraulic leak or a busted hydraulic valve. Like the mechanical problems stated, hydraulic slide out repairs are typically best left to a specialist.

Mechanical failure

A mechanical slide often fails when your shear pin or gearbox is open. For many people, that suggests you will need a professional RV slide out repair.

Slide out motor runs, but it doesn’t move

Does your electric motor run, but the slide out does not move at all? You’ll need to perform a diagnosis on the slide mechanism itself. It may be gear or cable-driven. You may also need an assistant to work the control while you check the drive system if you can identify the problem.

As there are a lot of various types of slide mechanisms, we can’t provide specifics, and more research will be required for your particular slide.

Common Fixes When Your Fleetwood RV Slide Out Stopped Working

Do you think there’s power getting to your slide out, but it won’t close or open? Make sure to check there’s nothing preventing it from moving in one way or the other.

What about if it sounds as if there’s no power when you hit the switch? Below are a few things you can do when your Fleetwood RV slide out stops working.

1. Check the power to the slide button

Do you have otherwise had power going to the Fleetwood RV slide out? You would like to check for power to the switch that runs it. You can utilize a voltmeter or a test light to be certain there’s power going to and from the switch.

2. Do you have hand-cranking access?

Many Fleetwood RV Slide outs have some kind of manual cranking access. That could be through a port on your RV’s outside or inside. Make sure you follow the proper instructions in the owner’s manual. That’s because hand cranking is not obvious, and you might need to release a brake or lock before it moves.

3. Check the power source

Does your slide out stop moving in and out? One of the initial things you must do is to check for power. Make sure the battery is fully charged and examine for any tripped breakers or blown fuses.

4. Push it in gently

Cannot find a power problem or a hand crank? You can try delicately pushing on the slide out to get it to move. However, that might not work when there’s a break or lock engaged on the motor. Still, it’s worth a try.

Remember that you should not try driving with your Fleetwood RV slide out extended. If it’s out and you cannot get it closed, you will need a specialist to come to you to perform the repair.

When to Call a Professional to Help with Your Fleetwood RV Slide Out Problem?

Are you uncomfortable with the diagnostic steps you need to do? Remember that there are many types of slide out systems used in an RV. Further, they are complicated systems that need skills and know-how of mechanical and electronics principles, which would enable you to assess and repair the system.

If you consider yourself a fairly experienced DIY-er, consider leaving your slide out repairs to the experts. Examine your owner’s manual to know what they say about your RV’s slide system. They may also include basic maintenance, repair, and diagnosis information.

You can also call your dealer and talk with the service advisor about your specific concern. They may help you diagnose the problem over the phone.

If all else fails and you’re far from home, you can consider hiring a mobile RV repair service.

Tips to Do to Prevent Fleetwood RV Slide Out Problem in the Future

RV slide outs are amazing inventions helping make your Fleetwood RV more livable inside. However, they should be well maintained and cared for to keep them functioning properly.

Fixing a slide out mechanism might not be something just about anybody can do. That’s why we recommend taking your Fleetwood RV to your dealer for repair or maintenance of the slide outs.

Here are a few tips you can do to avoid a premature malfunction.


Do not ignore your Fleetwood RVs maintenance. You paid a huge amount of money for your motorhome, and you want it to work properly for a long time.

  • Look for the lubrication points and do it regularly.
  • Do you have your rig professionally maintained? Ensure the shop does this task accordingly.
  • Once maintenance is complete, check it yourself or ask the technician to show you what they have done.

Treat your slide outs nice

Do not retract or extend your slides when your Fleetwood RV is not level. That’s because it puts a huge amount of additional strain on your motors and system if they move against gravity.

Further, don’t have people standing or sitting on the side when they’re moving. If possible, get rid of items from the side, which add more weight when retracting or extending slides.

Stop if you hear popping, cracking, or snapping

It is common sense but ensures everything is out of the way if you move your slide outs. Stop if you hear a noise that’s out of the ordinary.

  • Visually check the path of the slide out to ensure it’s completely clear.
  • If necessary, have a helper go outside to check there as well. Noises are normally not good, so look for the reason before continuing.
  • Ensure the tops are clear of any debris, especially if you do not have slide toppers.
  • Do you have slide toppers and camped in snow or rain? You may still require clearing off the slide toppers. Do not force the slide motors to do any additional work.

Final Thoughts

Well there you have it, the next time you are experiencing problems with your Fleetwood RV slide out you know what to do. It’s always best to have a professional look at your slide outs, unless you or someone you know are a mechanic.

Remember to always take good care of your slide outs, maintain them properly and don’t put any additional stress on the motors. This will help you enjoy properly functioning slide outs for many years to come.