Mobile RV Repairman Near Me

Are you out on the road and your RV suddenly broke down, unable to transport it to a mechanic shop? Or are you perhaps worried about the safety when driving your trailer to the shop for repairs? If yes on either of those questions, then a mobile RV repair service is perfect for you.

One thing I love about RVs is that most repair issues can be made easily and quickly by the owner. However, more significant problems require a little help from a repair shop.

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As a long-time RV owner, I know the hassles of driving my RV to a repair shop, from preparation to safety issues. Fortunately, I found an easier and safer way to resolve my problem through a mobile RV repair near me.

In my experience with hiring a mobile RV repair service provider, I do not need to take the risk of driving my trailer. Besides being not mechanically sound, I also save time. Having a mobile mechanic helps solve my repair issues while keeping my trip itineraries on track whenever I travel in remote areas.

Meanwhile, I discovered that not all repair shops are the same. Some cannot work on larger RVs because they do not have enough space to accommodate them or navigate them in their lot. That is why I find a mobile repair service more convenient and reliable.

If it is your first time considering a mobile RV repair service, I understand that you find the selection process a bit frustrating. Don’t worry; I got your back. Keep reading and discover everything you need to know about mobile RV repair services.

Mobile RV Repair Overview

As you may imagine, a mobile RV repair refers to a repair service that “comes” to you. In other words, an RV repair service provider will visit your location instead of bringing your RV to a repair shop and leaving it there.

I prefer this service, particularly if I cannot move the RV due to severe damage. Plus, I appreciate the convenience it offers.

How Does a Mobile RV Repairman Near Me Work?

A mobile RV repair service provider travels to your location to check your RV’s mechanical issues. In contrast to taking the RV into a repair shop and leaving it there for several days, a mobile technician will repair it right then and there.

A company offering a mobile RV repair service arrives with all the necessary tools and performs the repair for a particular issue. In return, you can minimize the risk of driving to get to the traditional repair and maintenance shop. Additionally, the technician is complete with the skills and experience to handle all RV repair issues.

Most of them are willing to travel almost anywhere to help you with general RV maintenance or perform professional repairs. So, you can take advantage of convenient repairs at an RV park, campground, and even on the roadside.

What Can a Mobile RV Repairman Fix?

A certified RV repairman can diagnose various problems and perform many different repair types. They should be able to repair most issues associated with the house portion of the RV, including heat and air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, electrical, among others. They should also perform repairs related to the vehicle.

Keep in mind RV repair technicians do not have parts on hand for each RV type. Those parts are often obtained or ordered from the local parts shops to complete the repairs. You should also note that some campgrounds do not allow repair works onsite. Ensure to ask the campground host if they enable mobile technicians to work there if you are at the RV park or campground.

Here are some of the services provided by a mobile RV repair company to give you a big picture:

  • Door unlocking
  • Refrigerator repair
  • Oven or range repair
  • Fixing internet and radio issues
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Electrical repairs
  • Repair of slide leaks, plumbing, window, and roof
  • Water heater replacement or repair
  • Plumbing and septic system repair

How to Find Mobile RV Repairman Near Me?

One of the best things about mobile RV repair service is that you can find a service provider in a couple of ways. It is advantageous for us to easily find a mechanic to quickly resolve a certain issue that may lead to more severe damage.

Remember that an emergency may happen at any time, and you may not be able to drive your RV to the nearest repair shop due to damage. So, it is better if the service provider will come to you.

Don’t worry if it is your first time hiring a mobile RV repair technician; I will help you become a little creative with the company that best suits your RV repair needs.

Conduct An Internet Search

The fastest way to find a mobile RV repairman near your area is through an online search. After all, the Internet is an excellent resource for finding many different services, including mobile RV repair.

Besides typing “mobile RV repairman near me,” you can also use other terms or keywords. If your first attempt does not turn up anything, consider other search terms, such as:

  • “Mobile RV repair service near me”
  • “RV handyman near me”
  • “RV mobile mechanic service near me”
  • “Mobile RV mechanic near me”
  • “Mobile RV repair company near me”

Once you use the terms above, you can expand your search and find more options in your area. Other than Google, you can also use other platforms like Bing and Yelp. Do not forget to take a look at the customer ratings and reviews. A reputable and professional mobile RV repair site lists its services, contact information, and service fees.

Of course, you can also try including the state, county, or city you are currently located in. This will give you more precise search results of listed companies with location and customer reviews.

Ask Campgrounds

The campground manager is not only a wealth of knowledge of places to eat, things to do, and local sights, but also mobile RV repairs. Since campground managers and other staff live and work where you are trying to find a mobile technician, they can easily refer a certain company based on their real-life experience.

Asking the campground personnel often helps determine potential mobile mechanic services near you and decide which one offers the best repair service. Even if the RV park or campground does not permit onsite repairs, they will still refer you to a good mechanic.

Before you go to a specific campground, it is a good idea to research if they allow onsite RV repairs, know mobile RV repair options, or offer the same service. That way, you have peace of mind knowing you can easily find a technician in case of repair issues.

Contact RV Dealerships or Parts Stores

In some instances, your internet search may not turn up mobile RV repair options. However, it does not necessarily mean that you are out of luck.

Some mobile RV companies are poor at advertising their services. For such reason, you can opt to contact local RV dealerships or parts stores and ask them for a helpful recommendation. A single, quick call can connect you to a trusted mobile mechanic as quickly as possible.

Mobile technicians often get their parts somewhere. Since they source RV parts from the local dealership or parts store, they generate an ongoing relationship. Technicians often help parts stores or dealerships remain in the business; those stores are willing to provide you recommendations for a mobile RV repair in that area.

Ask Fellow RV owners

Word of mouth remains one of the best ways to the best service providers. RVers are famous for their generosity in offering helpful advice to their fellow RVers, including searching for nearby mobile RV repair service providers.

There are times that you may encounter some RV issues while traveling. Your fellow RVers will gladly recommend a trustworthy and dependable mobile repairman and even give you hints of one who is not. It is easy for them to provide you with advice because they may have past experience with mobile RV technicians in the area where you are staying at some point.

Asking other RVers is one of the sure ways to ensure quality and reliable mobile repair service.

Look at the Local Paper’s Classified Ads

While most areas have gone digital, you can still find some locations with little internet reception. That is particularly true in rural areas, where repair shops are about 50 miles or more from the campgrounds.

In case you encounter a “dead zone” where your internet connection is out, you can get classified ads paper at a convenience store or gasoline station. These papers are often free. If you cannot find an actual mobile RV repair, at least a parts store or local dealership is enough. From there, you can ask for some recommendations.

Different Types of Mobile RV Repair Services

When it comes to mobile RV repair, do not expect that the services are 100% the same as the traditional repair and maintenance shops. Before I visit a particular campground, I ensure that a nearby mobile repair service provider is available and offers the service type I am looking for.

Here are the main types of mobile RV service:

General RV Repairman

If you are looking for RV mobile service’s “jack-of-all-trades,” go for the general RV repair technicians. They are well-versed in almost general maintenance or repair types. Since they often do not have any shop to work out of, they focus on mobile work. They are usually contacted by those who are not sure what issue their RVs have.

These technicians tend to work out of their mobile vehicles. Meaning, they have the necessary experience to perform repairs on RVs that are parked in any location. They are often the mechanic type you should contact if you need a repair service.

RV Dealerships or Local Repair Shops House Calls

Many RV dealerships or local repair shops can make house calls on request. They usually provide emergency services only. The technicians will help you back on the road and prevent other major mechanical issues. However, you need to pay a huge sum of money for their services.

This mobile RV repair service is helpful when traveling a long distance from home, experiencing an RV emergency, and not locating any mobile RV specialist.

Mobile RV Repair Specialists

You can encounter repair technicians who specialize in a particular repair type. They usually work out of their trucks or willing to go to your location because of their niche customer base.

Since they focus on one or two RV repair types, they tend to deliver a higher quality service as compared to what you get from a general RV technician. However, they will charge you a premium fee. On the bright side, they may fix the problem that a general technician cannot.

Advantages of Getting a Mobile RV Repair

Not every time, you will have a good time driving and staying in your RV. The time will come that you have to deal with repair issues. Knowing a trustworthy and professional mobile RV repair service provider will save you from headaches.

Here are the benefits of hiring a mobile RV repair you should know before you start driving:


If you live in an RV, you have no place to stay when you leave it in the shop. An RV repair shop may require you to book an appointment. Plus, you have to hook up the RV, drive to the shop’s location and wait for a call if the repair process is completed. Most shops charge an hourly rate, which is an additional expense on your end.

As an RVer, convenience is valuable to me and what I look for in repair service. The fact that a mobile handyman will come to your location makes the service convenient. You do not also need to pay for the hourly rate and wait for several days before you can get your RV.

Money and Time-Saving

The convenience offered by a mobile handyman helps save time and money. You do not need to burn the gas and spend time driving to reach the shop because the technician will come directly to your area.

You can do more with your outdoor adventure as you save time and money and stick with your itinerary.

Personalized Service

RV shops are often busy, where technicians perform various jobs on different RVs in a day. So, there is no guarantee that they can attend to your needs once you arrive at their location.

However, if you hire a mobile RV repair company, the technician will work on your RV exclusively. You and the handyman have all the time to discuss symptoms, maintenance records, repair options, parts replacement, and so on.

Since the technician will have the attention on your RV, possible distractions are eliminated. In other words, you can enjoy personalized service.

Reduced Risk

A mobile repairman does not require you to move your RV from one location to another; you can reduce the risk of further damage to the components or entire RV. The technician will help you determine small indicator signs to avoid more significant mechanical issues in the future.


Towing or driving an RV in need of repair is a huge responsibility for the owners. Whenever you hook up and go to the road, many things may go wrong. That is why defensive driving and safety checks are musts. If you want to ensure safety with limited risks, you can opt for mobile RV repair services. The technician will visit your area, and you do not need to hit the dangerous road.

Service Quality

I used to bring my RV to a local mechanic shop, and I observed that the service area was filled with a loud noise, and different vehicles were shuffling in and out. These distractions may make technicians skip a critical step or fail to spot signs of potentially more significant issues.

Meanwhile, a mobile RV technician comes to your place and can focus their attention on your RV. As a result, you can expect quality throughout the service.


Having the repair service come to your location is much cheaper than bringing your RV to the shop. The cost of fuel from your location to the shop and vice versa is a significant amount that adds to your bill. You also need to consider what you will miss if you are out for the day.

In case that your RV is immobile, you need to get a towing service, which will again add to your expenses. However, if you go for a mobile repair service for your RV, you do not need to deal with those expenses.

Drawbacks of a Mobile RV Repairman

No mobile RV repair service is perfect. So, you can also encounter some drawbacks, such as:


You may not find a mobile handyman readily available, depending on your location. In reality, not all locations offer mobile RV services.


Having a mobile RV technician may disrupt your quiet time. If your RV is in your backyard or driveway, you need to deal with the noise throughout the day. Plus, you may also cause disturbance to your neighborhood.

Parts Availability

While mobile RV service companies have access to the RV parts, they still do not have quick access to those parts. If the parts are not available, the repair process may take longer.


A mobile RV mechanic service is an excellent option if you are in the middle of a remote location and you face an RV issue. Whether you need a repair or maintenance service, a mobile technician allows you to save time, money, and effort from moving your RV to the traditional shop. Plus, you can enjoy convenience and safety.