RV Desk Ideas – Easy and Quick RV Desk Ideas to Try

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Are you looking for RV desk ideas to try out? As you may already know, RVs are not the most spacious of homes. That can be fantastic for many reasons. It suggests more time spent together, and there’s less to clean, granting the ability to travel effortlessly with your entire home. Nonetheless, living in such a tiny home has its disadvantages too.

One major con that most traveling families have difficulty with is a lack of dedicated desk space. After all, any RVing family could live off of retirement funds or other investments. That means they should work on the road.

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In most scenarios, that work needs a decent amount of time spent doing computer tasks, which means it’s essential to have a comfortable and quiet place to get things done. Unluckily, we have yet to find a rig along with RV office space built in. But there’s no need to worry, below you will find solutions to your problem.

We have seen many people who put their creative efforts and energies to work to come up with awesome RV office spaces. This article will present you with some of the best RV desk ideas you can try with your own RV too.

RV Desk Ideas

Below I have listed my favorite ideas for RV desks, which one you choose is up to you. However, not every alternative is suitable for every RV.

Toy hauler as office space

Do you prefer a large amount of space to work in? A toy hauler might work well for you. It’s a big garage in the back that is intended to be used for toys like motorcycles and four-wheelers. That kind of RV could be a trailer or motorhome, and the garages come in different sizes.

While these types of RVs usually are used as intended or with the garage converted to a kids’ playroom, you could utilize the big and open spaces of a toy hauler as office space.

Utilize RV bathroom as Office Space

You read that right. Other people can work in the bathroom! That may sound silly for you, but if you live in an RV like us, you are more likely to do what works when it comes to using the space you have. Do you have an extra bathroom? Why don’t you use it as your RV office instead?

You might prefer to gut the entire thing and begin from scratch. However, we suggest creating something like keeping the bathroom intact while still providing yourself with a comfortable place to do your work.

The bunkroom

There are times you will find a bunk room with a dinette or couch. In those scenarios, you can change a piece of furniture with a desk and still have the door shut while you’re working.

We have also noticed other people using their bunkroom dresses as desks. Others even get so fortunate as to have an added mid-bunk room that they utilize as an RV office space.

Change that idle fixture

Don’t you like using your dinette or couch? Well, it might be the right time to get that idle fixture out of your RV and make a space for your desk. Doing so will offer you a huge amount of space to work with. That means you can pick whatever you wish best. The only disadvantage here is that many dinettes and couches are seen in the main living space. That means you will not have that much-needed privacy.

Set up a video or photo studio

Do you often find yourself taking photos or making videos for your job and require a good background and decent lighting to do so? You can set up your studio in your living room each night after your kids go to bed! It can serve you well and just fold up nice and small to be kept away during the day. Isn’t it amazing?

Use the front seat

The front seat could be a good desk space to get put in an RV office and get things done. The comfortable captain chairs are ideal for sitting for extended periods. After all, that’s what they’re designed for: long travel days. You see, having an office on your passenger side enables you to work during your travel days.

Put in a fold-out desk

We have also observed many people using desks that mount to their wall and fold it out for use. Others use desks that are freestanding and could fold flat for their travel days. In addition to that, folding desks are another good option, which could be utilized anywhere in the RV.

However, we especially like the concept of using something like your cabinet door, which is already inside your RV and serving a purpose.

Invest in a standing desk

Did you know that a small, lightweight standing desk is also a decent option for you? That could be set up in your bedroom but would also work well in other spaces of your RV. Being able to adjust the height of the desk is not only good for your health but also will let you utilize the space for other things when not used as a work desk.

Upgrade your dresser

Another amazing option we like for RV desk ideas is to put the dresser to work as a desk. This option is ideal for those wanting to work in the master bedroom. We have observed many variations of this concept, often involving extending the dresser on either side and adding some chairs.

If your drawers pull out close to the bed you can also add a simple sheet of plywood on top and use that as your desk. This may not be the most comfortable alternative but if you only need a desk for short periods of time it could do for a decent RV desk.

Hide it under the bed

These are our favorite RV desk ideas. We’re able to conquer the lack of space in our RV by making a bed with a base that functions as a desk during the day. The wall-mounted TV is utilized as a monitor, meaning there is little to move at the end of the day.

On top of that, we also make our RV office that keeps away under a bed, which lifts up for storage purposes. We would flip up the bed base to set this office, set up a table or desk that is stored below our bed, and pull out our chair.

RV Computer Desk Ideas

Do you work on your computer while out on the road? Perhaps your plan is to make a blog diary of all your travels, making a video or audio recordings of where you go and what you see. It may be great to look at your RV window and see an ever-changing landscape, but there are probably instances when you crave the amenities of a real home: a comfortable computer desk, decent lighting, or a good set-up for your recording sessions.

Nonetheless, many RVs and campers do not have the necessary space for a dedicated computer desk. That’s why you may find yourself settling for a less-than-ideal arrangement. That being said, we have gathered together some recommendations from RVers and experts like us to help you boost your workplace setup.

Types of RV Computer Desks You Can Consider

When choosing your ideal RV computer desk it’s important to consider the following, do you want a permanent, convertible, or folding desk? Perhaps you have enough space to install a permanent standing desk? If not then perhaps a smaller laptop stand would suit your situation better.

No matter what computer desk you decide on, there are plenty of different models out there that you can fit comfortably in an RV.

Below I have listed some of the most popular ideas for RV computer desks. Which one you choose depends on your situation, available space, and specific requirements.

Permanent RV Computer Desk

Do you have a rig that’s big enough? Then you may like a dedicated workspace that you could leave set up. You may have seen the amazing renovation that Technomadia did on their vintage bus and personalized office space.

Indeed, you may like a permanent solution, and there is not sufficient room in many RVs for a desk like that. In most cases, there’s not enough space for a modern Bush computer desk or any standard desk set-up.

Thus, if you prefer a permanent workspace, you may like to consider a custom solution.

Convertible or Foldable RV Computer Desk

More often, you want to use your computer space for other activities such as eating. You may also prefer bringing it outside to work in the fresh air. Also, you may prefer something that allows you to store it when it is time to put the slides in and travel.

In that case, you may need something like a convertible and foldable computer desk. These workspaces are ideal for that amazing RV life.

Standing Computer Desk

You will find a broad spectrum of RV types. Nonetheless, space is often in short supply, whether you have a fifth wheel, travel trailer, or motorhome. Thus, chances are you will not have the room for that dedicated RV office.

Other than the convertible and foldable desk, a standing desk might work as well. A standing desk will enable you to stand or sit and switch back and forth between the two. That will enable you to stretch your limbs comfortably.

Are you working with a laptop? Then a laptop stand might also work and help you keep your computer screen at eye level.

Best RV Computer Desks to Consider

We understand that selecting a stylish and functional desk is important when working in your RV. Nonetheless, when it comes to finding the ideal desk for your tiny space, what parameters should you be bearing in mind?

Features and designs are always crucial, but it is the dimensions that you must be concentrating on the most. The standard computer desk runs about thirty inches deep, which might not sound too large. But in most cases, there may be more space than you are able, or like, to space, especially if you don’t have too much room, more than a laptop, and some desk toppers.

Fortunately, there are different options you can consider with depth-conscious road warriors in mind. Here are our top favorites.

LIFETIME Height Adjustable and Foldable Desk

If you are serious about your life on the road and still want to be able to work comfortably from your RV, then this is our top recommended computer desk. When folded it takes minimal space, only twenty-four square inches, which means it can easily store away under the bed, in the closet, or in any other storage space.

height adjustable foldable rv desk idea

It may not look super amazing, but it’s extremely convenient as it also doubles as a table you can use for, for example, dining in the outdoors. This table also comes with adjustable height, which means it fits most chairs, all adults and even children can enjoy this foldable RV table.

Looking at the price tag, this is one of the cheapest, most convenient tables you can get for your RV, no matter what you intend to use it for. Check the current price on Amazon.

GreenForest Foldable Computer Desk

The folding desk from GreenForest consists of two tiers which let you easier access stuff all over the desk. It is a foldable, space-saving computer desk, perfect for any small spaces, like RVs and camper trailers.

compact foldable computer rv desk

Unfortunately, this desk is not height-adjustable, so you are stuck with the fixed height. However, it is built with standard height so any adult can comfortably sit for hours with the laptop.

The GreenForest foldable desk does not fold down as small as the previously mentioned folding table, however, it does get flat enough to store under the bed or next to the closet or dresser. Check the current price on Amazon.


While most RVs don’t come with dedicated office space, there are plenty of options for you to consider when coming up with an RV desk for your workspace.

  • Remodel a toy hauler as office space.
  • Utilize the bathroom when not in use.
  • Repurpose the bunkroom as office space.
  • Use the dinette area as an RV desk.
  • Setting up a photo or video studio.
  • Using the front seats.
  • Put in a simple fold-out desk.
  • Convert your dresser to a desk.
  • Hide it under the bed.

There are of course plenty of creative ideas to put in an RV desk, all depending on which RV you own, your requirements, and the available space. If you found this article helpful please don’t forget to share it with friends and family.