Is Mr Buddy Heater Safe For Tents?

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When you are outdoors camping, it is always wise to ensure your safety at all times. Except for wildlife and different terrain, the elements of nature can be dangerous, especially in the freezing winter months.

To stay warm during cold nights it is important to have a good tent heater unless you have a hot tent and wood-burning stove. The best tent heater we’ve come across is by far the Mr. Buddy tent heater.

Mr. Heater Portable

MR HEATER: The Mr. Heater portable Propane Heater is equipped with safety features such as an automatic shut-off if tipped over, if the pilot light goes out, or if low oxygen levels are detected.

But is the Mr. Buddy heater safe for tents? As you may know, tent heaters can be dangerous, and even life-threatening if they are not used properly. Mr. Buddy is a huge brand in the camping industry and they made their heaters claiming that it is the safest tent heaters available on the market.

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This post will help you decide whether using Mr. Buddy Heater is safe and worth it. Beyond that, we will also give you some safety tips to help you better use the heater. Read on to know further.

Is Mr. Buddy Heater Safe For Tent Use?

Many campers want to set up their tent during the cold season. If you are one of them, you may want to keep yourself and your friends or family nice and warm. In that case, using a tent heater would be handy. But, with the number of heaters available in the market, which of them is best and safest to use?

According to the manufacturer, Mr. Buddy Tent Heater will keep you warm when used properly. The good thing about this product is it is very portable. Thus, you can take it with you and set it up whenever, and wherever you want.

There are lots of great features that make this heater a must-have among campers. These safety features include the accidental tip-over shut-off and ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor). With that in mind, we can say that Mr. Buddy has created the safest tent heaters currently available in the market.

As a camper, you know that using a tent heater is associated with various fire risks. Although Mr. Buddy includes several safety features in their heater, there is no guarantee that it will not fail at some point in your camping experience. If not used properly, you may get injured or entirely damage your tent. What’s worse is that a malfunctioning tent heater could be the cause of a tragic death.

However, some important safety tips to follow will help you minimize the risks of injuries and deaths.

What To Remember When Using Mr. Buddy Tent Heater?

As we mentioned earlier, your safety is the most important factor you need to consider during tent camping. If this is your first time using the Mr. Buddy tent heater, you may need some safety tips. The following are the tips from a certified camper who has been using Mr. Buddy’s heater for multiple years.

These tips are designed to guarantee your safety and minimize the occurrence of potential damages and risks.

Place Your Heater Away From Flammable Sources

The first tip you may want to know when using Mr. Buddy’s heater, or any tent heater really is to place them in an ideal location. Make sure to keep it away from any flammable materials or fire sources.

Remember that your tent walls, camping gear, air bed, and sleeping bag are highly flammable. They can cause fire hazards if the heater has been damaged while placed close to these items.

In addition, another important thing you should remember is that heat rises. Thus, make sure to place them further from your tent roof to avoid any fire damage. Ideally, ensure to place the heater at least one to two feet away from your roof. This will vary depending on your tent size.

Proper Heater Footing

As mentioned, Mr. Buddy’s heater is equipped with safety features, such as its accidental tip-over shut-off. As its name suggests, this feature works by automatically shutting down the heater once unit tipping is detected. This is designed to minimize fire hazards.

But, would you rely your safety on something that can potentially malfunction? Note that even the latest technology today has a higher chance of malfunctioning. Thus, it is still important to take safety measures in case the unit goes defective.

In line with that, it would be best to install your tent heater on a flat and-fire resistant surface.

Ensure Sufficient Ventilation

Proper airflow or ventilation is another critical aspect you should pay close attention to when using a Mr. Buddy tent heater. This is critical to ensure fresh air circulates in your tent. Beyond that, it also prevents the buildup of carbon monoxide.

In line with that, it would be best to create a small vent on the top and bottom part of your tent. You can do this by unzipping your top window and a small crack in your door. If your tent has prebuilt mesh vents, you don’t need to create a vent on top.

Proper ventilation ensures ideal air circulation inside the tent while keeping condensation and moisture.

Be Mindful From Carbon Monoxide

Most of you may think that fire risk is the only hazard usually associated with a tent heater. But this usually happens when using an electric tent heater. But since Mr. Buddy’s tent heater is a propane-powered-based product, this means that you better protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Although carbon monoxide poisoning is rare, it can sometimes lead to a person’s death. This only shows that CO poisoning is serious. Mr. Buddy’s tent heater is equipped with a prebuilt oxygen depletion sensor. This feature can detect low oxygen levels and automatically turn off the unit. Features like this are a must-have and should be integrated into most propane heaters made for indoor purposes.

But experts do not recommend campers to rely on their safety in this feature. This is because such features may malfunction and put your life at risk. Beyond that, it will only take a single failure to cause hazards and dangerous camping accidents.

In line with that, it would be best to integrate a carbon monoxide alarm as a backup feature. Installing multiple CO alarms in your tent would be great if you use a propane-based heater more frequently. An affordable battery-powered carbon monoxide detector will ensure your safety during the winter months, especially when using a gas heater to keep you warm and cozy during your camping hours.

Choose An Ideal Heater Size

Mr. Buddy has launched their Buddy lineup of portable propane heaters. These tent heaters are available in different sizes. Thus, you must understand and assess your heating needs so that you can select the appropriate tent size. Aside from saving some bucks on fuel, doing so can also mitigate the risks associated with propane heaters.

Is It Safe To Keep Mr. Buddy Heater On Overnight?

Mr. Buddy recommends its customers turn on the heater while sleeping to have a more comfortable stay inside their tent. But, we think that this is not a safe move. Although the heater has prebuilt safety features, we cannot guarantee its safety, especially when it starts to show signs of malfunctioning. A simple defect of these features could lead to serious injuries or even death.

With that in mind, sleeping while this propane heater is on is not something we recommend. You can turn it on, but make sure that you switch it off after a few hours when the tent is warm and cozy.

Final Thoughts

Many campers are searching for a heater that will keep them comfortable during their camping in the winter season. One way to combat colds is by installing a tent heater. When it comes to heaters, Mr. Buddy is the leading provider.

Mr. Buddy is equipped with high-quality and reliable safety features. But, this does not guarantee your safety. At some points, the device may malfunction and lead to fire hazards. So, when installing Mr. Buddy’s tent heater, consider the safety measures we mentioned earlier.

Again, do not rely on the available safety measures offered by a product. It is important to take extra precautionary measures to have a safe and more enjoyable camping experience.