Deeded RV Lots: Everything You Need to Know

Are you tired of the constraints of RV parks and looking for a permanent spot to call home for your recreational vehicle? Look no further than deeded RV lots.

Deeded RV lots offer RV owners the unique opportunity to own their own piece of land and have a permanent place to park their home on wheels. This type of living offers a variety of benefits and amenities that traditional RV parks cannot match.

What are Deeded RV Lots?

Deeded RV lots are plots of land that are owned by the RV owner and are specifically designated for recreational vehicles. The owner has the right to occupy the land and park their RV on it, just as a homeowner would with a traditional home. These lots are typically located in communities specifically designed for RV living, offering a variety of amenities to enhance the lifestyle.

Benefits of Deeded RV Lots

Permanent Residence: One of the biggest benefits of deeded RV lots is the ability to have a permanent residence. No more moving from park to park, searching for the perfect spot. With a deeded RV lot, you have a place to call home, year-round.

  • Increased Privacy: Deeded RV lots offer a higher degree of privacy than traditional RV parks. With your own land, you have more control over your surroundings and can create your own personal oasis.
  • Access to Community Amenities: Many deeded RV communities offer a range of amenities, such as swimming pools, community centers, and recreational facilities. These amenities add to the overall RV living experience and provide a sense of community for residents.
  • Potential for Investment: Deeded RV lots can also serve as a solid investment. As more and more people embrace the RV lifestyle, the demand for deeded RV lots increases, potentially leading to appreciation in value over time.
  • Customization: With your own land, you have the freedom to customize your RV living experience. Whether you want to install a deck, build a storage shed, or create a beautiful garden, the possibilities are endless.

Choosing the Right Deeded RV Community

When searching for the right deeded RV community, there are several factors to consider. Some of the most important include:

  • Location: Consider the location of the community and proximity to your desired destinations. Are you looking for a peaceful rural setting or a bustling city center? Make sure the community is located in an area that meets your needs and wants.
  • Amenities: As mentioned, many deeded RV communities offer a range of amenities. Determine which amenities are important to you and choose a community that offers what you need.
  • Cost: The cost of deeded RV lots can vary greatly. Consider your budget and choose a community that fits within your means. Keep in mind that some communities may charge additional fees for access to amenities, so factor these into your overall cost.
  • Rules and Regulations: Make sure to thoroughly research the rules and regulations of each community you are considering. Are there restrictions on the size of RVs allowed? What about pet policies or the use of outdoor space? Be aware of the regulations before making a decision.

Deeded RV Lot Maintenance and Upkeep

Owning a deeded RV lot comes with responsibility. It is important to keep the lot maintained and up-to-date in order to preserve its value and maintain the overall appearance of the community. Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Landscaping: Keep the lot neat and tidy, with well-manicured landscaping that enhances the overall aesthetic of the community.
  • RV Maintenance: Regular maintenance and upkeep of your RV is crucial, both for its longevity and for the appearance of your lot. Regular cleaning, painting, and upgrades can keep your RV looking like new and maintain its value.
  • Payment of Fees: Make sure to keep up with the payment of any fees associated with the deeded RV community, such as HOA fees or access to amenities.
  • Community Involvement: Get involved in the community and contribute to its overall success. Participate in community events and meetings, volunteer for committees, and be an active member of the community.


Deeded RV lots offer a unique and exciting opportunity for RV owners to have a permanent residence, increased privacy, access to community amenities, and the potential for investment.

When choosing the right deeded RV community, consider the location, amenities, cost, and rules and regulations. Regular maintenance and upkeep of your deeded RV lot, as well as community involvement, will ensure its success and enhance the overall RV living experience. Embrace the freedom and flexibility of deeded RV living and make your dream of owning a piece of land a reality.