Camping Abroad (with a Trailer Tent)

This was a post I started to draft last year when we were preparing for our first trip abroad. I never got around to finishing it but as we are currently getting ready to do it all again it seems like a good idea to note down some of this information to refer to again. Living in Europe offers up so many destinations when you have transport that you are confident with. When we had the 'van, after the work Tom had done on it in the early years, I'm not sure we ever trusted it for long journeys within the UK, never mind on mainland Europe. Nowadays we're using the trailer with our family car, which makes a huge difference to the types of trips we want to plan. Once you start looking, the possibilities are endless.  Ferry travel will get you direct to the Netherlands, France or Ireland, or there is the shuttle to France. There are then any number of onward destinations you can choose. Our goal is to build up to lengthy cross-country trips staying in various locations for a few nights at a time, but for a change, we've decided to start out small and see how it goes whilst we get used to the trailer and the boys are still very young. (more…)

By Anna-Lou, ago

Dafarn Rhos, Lligwy Beach, Moelfre, Anglesey

Website: | Phone: 01248 410 607 | Postcode: LL72 8NN

We spent Early May Bank Holiday at Dafarn Rhos campsite on Anglesey. A well maintained family-friendly site with direct access to the beach. It's conveniently located quite close to where you'll arrive from the mainland but well placed for exploring the island. Read on to find out more about the campsite and our recommendations for places to visit. (more…)

By Tom, ago

Chateau de Galinée, Saint-Cast-le-Guildo, Brittany

Website: | Phone: (0033) 02 96 41 10 56 | Postcode: 22380

Our first camping trip abroad! Some said we were crazy to attempt this with a 2-year-old and a 10-month-old, but we put a lot more planning into this trip than into most of our shorter UK breaks (perhaps too much planning because by the time we were ready to book everything our preferred ferry crossings were all full!). Read on to find out whether our first foray onto the continent with a trailer-tent was a success and whether we'll be attempting it again... (more…)

By Tom, ago

Bridge Villa, Wallingford, Oxfordshire

Website: | Phone: 01491 836860 | Postcode: OX10 8HB

For a weekend of camping with friends we chose Bridge Villa for its convenient location between the two families. We took the Friday off work and travelled down during the day. After an uneventful journey, the last few miles after leaving the M40 took us through some rural picturesque Oxfordshire villages. Unusually for most campsites, at Bridge Villa you just turn off the main road and you're straight into the site among the pitches. There's no long single track driveway winding through fields to approach the site, here you stay right in the heart of the village.


By Tom, ago

Going off-grid: Camping without electric

As happy campervanners we felt like we always needed the electric hook-up. We didn't have a leisure battery and our fridge only ran off 240v mains electricity so without a hook-up we couldn't power the fridge and were worried that we'd run down the van's only battery if we left the lights on too long and wouldn't be able to start the engine in the morning. As happy trailer-tenters we don't have a fridge (or any battery at all) and we've started to realise how much we limit our options if we only camp in locations that have a hook-up available - especially at busy times as the electric pitches are always first to go. Also, some sites charge quite a premium for the hook-up which is disproportionate to the small amount of electricity we consume so we've started to look at alternative power sources to broaden our campsite options. (more…)

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