Orchard Camping, Penistone, South Yorkshire

Website: orchard-camping.co.uk| Phone: 01226 762889 | Postcode: S36 7EY

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View from site

This was another 2-night weekend camping trip that we booked just a few days before. The site, close to Penistone is around an hour away from home so was close enough that we could pack the van and head off after a full day’s work and still arrive in time to setup camp before dark. This site is small. Really small. We drove straight past it (twice) when we first arrived. The only giveaway is an Orchard Camping banner tied to the wall next to the gate, but that was obscured by a camper’s car when we arrived.


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Hidden Spring Vineyard, Horam, East Sussex

First impressions count so when you drive through the gates at Hidden Spring and are greeted by a single lane track, tree lined on one side and with grape vines on the other you’re off to a promising start. The track climbs up a gentle incline until at the brow the rows of vines on the left stop and the field opens up to reveal around 15 pitches, all with electric hookup. Through a gap in the hedgerow on the right there’s another field which is home to the site’s tipis and yurts.