Wold Farm, Flamborough, East Yorkshire

Website: woldfarmcampsite.com | Phone: 01262 850536 | Postcode: YO15 1AT

The first thing that strikes you about Wold Farm is its beautiful remote location. The site is accessed down a half mile gravel track from Bempton Lane that runs past Flamborough. We stopped at the farmhouse-cum-reception and were directed into the 2nd field (Puffin Meadow) where we could pitch wherever we liked within the non-electric part (about 2 thirds of the field) as there are no marked pitches here. We went to the furthest side and set up facing away from the campsite which meant that we looked over the grazing sheep in the neighbouring field and out to sea with a view of Flamborough Head Lighthouse. The views are hard to beat. The beach and sea are not accessible directly from the campsite as it’s located near a clifftop. The fields are fenced and it’s far enough from the cliff edge that it’s safe for children. A path has been made through the farmland to the coastal walk that extends in both directions along the coast.


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