The excitement of a new campervan… almost

My campervan has been off the road road and in pieces for the last few weeks,  but there’s been something “not quite right” with it for much longer than that (as you’ll know if you follow the ramblings of @campervanning on twitter). The problems started last summer at the start of our first big camping trip – 10 days in various spots around Cornwall. During the 400+ mile journey to Looe the water pump died. The water pump is essential for keeping the coolant flowing through the radiator to prevent the engine from overheating. Eventually over time the bearing in the pump wears out and as a result the water leaks out. Owners of classic VWs will be rubbing their hands with glee at this (I’m looking at you Sarah & Paul!) because their 30+ year old vans are air cooled so this is one problem that they can’t be afflicted with. We hoped that we’d stopped in time before the overheating did any damage to the engine. Once the repair was complete, everything was looking good: the van behaved perfectly for the rest of our holiday and did the 400+ mile journey home without missing a beat. (more…)

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