I (Tom) bought my campervan on a whim in 2009, having never been camping before. In fact, I’d always been a bit anti-camping – the thought of sleeping on the ground in a cold wet tent was a little too close to nature. However I was tempted by  the prospect of the relative luxury offered by a campervan: protection from the elements, a half-decent bed, electricity, and proper cooking facilities. I was finally won over by the freedom of the campervanning lifestyle – being able to get home from work on a Friday evening, throw a bag in the back and drive off for a spontaneous weekend adventure! Since I returned “home” to Yorkshire in 2011, Anna and I have been exploring campsites from the Lake District in the West to the coastal sites of Scarborough and Whitby in the East and everywhere inbetween. From 2015 we have been joined on our camping trips by our son Sebastian and from the 2017 season by his brother Reueben which puts a whole new perspective on our campsite requirements! Happy Campervanning is where we document our camping experiences, passing on our tips for our favourite campsites (and the odd one that we’d recommend you avoid). In 2016 with an expanding family we swapped the campervan for a trailer-tent and the extra space has allowed us to continue the camping adventure as a family of four. Our friends Sarah and Paul have their own camper (coincidentally, we both got our ‘vans within a few days of each other way back in 2009!) and have been exploring the campsites in their own part of the world down South along with their daughters and two dogs. We have teamed up for a few joint camping trips, and they have also contributed some of their own reviews.