Camber Sands Holiday Park, Camber, East Sussex

When we were looking to book up our first camping trip of the 2011 season, we heard that some friends had booked an Easter break at the Park Resorts Camber Sands site. This is not somewhere we’d normally have looked at as it’s a holiday park rather than a camp site, but we thought we’d invite ourselves along anyway. Our friends are tentists, but we won’t hold that against them and they have two small girls and so this is our first review of a camp site visited with children.¬†Overall we had a lovely weekend, although how much of this was down to the good company and the glorious (unusual for a bank holiday weekend) weather and how much is down to the campsite is hard to tell.


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Our list of camping essentials

We spent a fair amount of time in the campervan in 2010, and at the end of the season had got packing down to a fine art. Over the winter, however we took out some of the kit to stop it getting damp and also when the the van went in for major repairs, and so we’ve now got our camping kit spread between the van, the house and the garage. With the camping season about to start and the first camping trips booked, we thought it would be a good idea to try to remember what we needed. Read more…