Top mobile apps for campers

When you go camping, do you like to leave behind all the electronic accessories of the modern world, or do you like to make use of them to make your trip more interesting? If you are a smartphone user, there are lots of apps that really useful when spending time out in the countryside. Here’s a run down of my recommended apps for the Android range of phones. All of these apps are free (or have free versions as well as premium versions), and although I’ve tested only the Android version, many of them have iPhone equivalents so it’s worth searching the iTunes App Store.

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Top 5 must-have camping accessories

It’s important to travel light when camping (my van struggles to average 25MPG when empty and cruising at 55MPH, let alone when it’s fully laden with camping equiment!), but a few well chosen accessories can make life easier and more comfortable. Over the last year we’ve refined our list of essential accessories that we won’t leave home without, so here in no particular order, are our top 5 must-have camping accessories…