From time to time we might review a camping accessory, book or gadget that we’ve bought and want to tell you about. This is one of those reviews, and it’s for the Cool Camping Cookbook. I received this book as a gift for Christmas and it’s the latest in the Cool Camping series that also includes Cool Camping: England and Cool Camping: Kids.

Okay so you might be camping in a field in the middle of nowhere but that doesn’t mean you have to survive on a diet of corned beef, powdered mashed potato and pot noodles!

Most of the dishes in this book are quick and easy to prepare and take into consideration that you won’t have all the normal cooking paraphanalia that you’d have if you were cooking at home. If you were camping in a tent and carrying all your ingredients and cooking equipment on your back then some of the meals might be a little too ambitious, but for us campervan campers most, if not all, should be within our reach. The book also contains a few fancy dishes for those special occasions when you want to push the boat out and indulge yourself (baked lobster?). There’s also some general tips like how to create the best campfire to cook on and advice on foraging for ingredients.

The book is beautifully presented with some mouth watering photography and clear step-by-step instructions. There are also a number of meals that can be mostly prepared at home in advance and just finished off at your destination. I’d be happy to cook almost all of the dishes for a regular meal at home not just when camping and because they’re designed to be quick and easy to prepare, they’re ideal for cooking after work or whenever time is tight. I’ve already tried out several of the recipes and my favourites so far have been Campers Cassoulet and Jerk Chicken (I will add some pictures next time I cook something from the book).

Although I’ve enjoyed this cookbook and look forward to cooking (and eating!) more of the meals it contains, in some ways any cookbook that focuses on quick meals or easy to prepare meals (such as the excellent – and very cheap – One Pot Cooking) would work just as well as a specific camping cookbook.

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