A relaxed campsite located on a working farm close to the sandy beaches at the Witterings, the South Downs and Chichester. This is a traditional site with an environmental conscience. If you want to stay in a relaxed and ‘real’ environment and don’t have overly high expectations of luxury or privacy, then you’ll enjoy your stay at Stubcroft Farm.

This campsite is located on a working sheep farm, which has an environmentally conscious ethos and relaxed atmosphere.  It’s close to the beautiful Wittering sandy beaches (about 20 minutes walk – great for watersports, walking and swimming), the South Downs Way and is around 6 miles from the historic city of Chichester. West Wittering Beach

The beach at West Wittering stretches for miles, is sandy and the water is shallow a long way out.  Perfect for families and loads of space for dogs!

We unfortunately visited on a very wet weekend when the paddock in which the pitches are located became rather muddy, as did the showers and toilets. I have tried to forget about the weather while writing this review as I realise that a rainy day can easily tarnish one’s impressions.

When we visited in August, the site was very busy (all the other campsites in East and West Wittering were full when we rang around to book a few days in advance) so we perhaps didn’t receive the welcome we might have done if we had arrived on a quiet day. We were shown to our pitch and told how much space to leave between ourselves and the neighbouring pitches. Thankfully we weren’t given a pitch too near the eco-loos (the smell became quite noticeable as the day wore on and one reason to be thankful for rain – a hot day would have been a different matter!). The pitches are all located within a paddock. There are hedges and trees around the edge but no screening elsewhere so very little privacy unless you have a windbreak. Try and arrive early to secure a pitch on the edge!

  The farm has a nice rural setting, and apparently has a wealth of wildlife with over 72 species of birds identified; deer, hedgehogs, foxes, rabbits and rare butterflies. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see any of these.

In terms of facilities, the owners have clearly tried to minimise the effect of the campsite on the environment by providing 6 eco-loos on the campsite field (to those of you who are novices, these are non-flush toilets, which rely on sawdust rather than water – and while they save gallons of water they don’t smell all that great!) as well as 5 conventional flush toilets and 4 showers close to the farmhouse. Three of the showers are coin operated and the other (inside the farmhouse) is free. Despite the longish walk to the farmhouse in the dark, I opted for the traditional facilities over the eco-loos every time!  On a busy weekend, with a couple of hundred people here, you are likely to have to queue for the showers and toilets, but you can always watch the chickens while you wait. I imagine the facilities are usually cleaner than they were when we visited, but the owners do ask guests to clean up after themselves (e.g. to mop the floor of the shower room after use) as they are working on the farm most of the day. There are drinking water taps and washing up sinks in the campsite field, although the ground conditions around these are very muddy in wet weather (Bring your wellies). Recycling facilities are also provided

For those wanting electric hook ups, there are a number of 240v electric hook up units. Cycle hire is available and bed and breakfast is also available in the farmhouse for those who prefer not to camp. Dogs are welcome on the site but must be kept on a lead at all times. Conker was pleased that there are a number of footpaths very close to the farm where he could stretch his legs.

There are a number of pubs within walking and driving distance but make sure you book in advance at weekends – we made the mistake of turning up to find that they were full and so we settled for fish and chips from East Wittering which we ate back at the campsite. There’s no shop at the campsite so make sure you’ve got your provisions with you (there is a supermarket in East Wittering).

Stubcroft Farm does accept group bookings which is good news for some but also means that peace and quiet cannot be guaranteed.  Though the site has designated ‘quiet hours’ between 11pm and 8am, there was a noisy group quite close to us, but they weren’t really a nuisance.

Cost: last year, Stubcroft Farm charged £5 per adult per night off-peak (Nov-mid March) and £6 in the peak season (mid March-October). Children are half the adult price. Electric hook ups are £3 per night. In keeping with the environmentally friendly ethos, there is a ‘green discount’ for £1 per night for those who come on foot, by bike, public transport or electric car.

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Mid-life crisis? Me?


Rebecca · October 4, 2010 at 09:59

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We were very disappointed with this campsite. It was very crowded and not as spacious and airy or pretty as their website makes out. There wasn’t much space between pitches . The toilets and showers were almost like an add on section and again very cramped together. more like the portaloos at Glastonbury rather than a shower block . I think for the £25 pound we payed for one night it was very expensive compared to other sites we have stayed on for the facilities you receive for your money here. The experience at the office was very awkward too, very disorganized and lots of waiting around. The owners seemed very set in there ways and inflexible.

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Rating: -1 (from 3 votes)

Mrs J Halliday · January 3, 2011 at 20:24

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If anyone is thinking of staying at Stubcroft Farm Campsite – do not bother.

l went with my son, aged 16, in August 2010. One large tent and one small car. We had no extras, no hook-up. We were charged £110 for 5 nights. Not what was quoted on their tarriff. l queried this several times over the phone, on the email an by letter. But, all the farmer is interested in is taking your money. He does not value his customers at all. He does not care if you return or not (this was also told to me by the foreign assistant who took my money). The assistant told me that when suggestions were left by campers, they were not valued as they could not carealess because they made so much money! Other farms send them over when they are full!

l thought about hiring a bike, but when l read the rules l did not bother. It was not the deposit, oh no. Check the rules! They will somehow find a clause not to give you your money back!

Groups? Oh, yes they will have groups! Again, check the rules for taking your money. Large deposit, making someone responsible.

The start of the week l had visions of returning. But not anymore. The only vision l have is of the farmer sitting by the fireside at Christmas counting out the money he made – hardly a picture of a poor skinny farmer, but of a greedy one perhaps thinking more of his animals than of the people giving him money.

As l say, l only asked him to look into the amount charged £22 per night and he did not have the manners to check it out or reply.

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Rating: -3 (from 3 votes)

Mrs J Halliday · February 21, 2011 at 21:56

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l did get my refund back from the farmer the day after this. Fairs fair, he did not have to and l admire him to holding his hands up.

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Rating: 0 (from 2 votes)

Tom · February 22, 2011 at 10:18

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Thanks for the update – glad to hear you got your refund, although I imagine it was too little, too late.

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Rating: -1 (from 1 vote)

Richy · October 11, 2011 at 15:39

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We really liked this place and can see why kids will enjoy it. But the people who run it are remarkably arrogant, and the amount they charge for single people and deposits is extraordinary. Particularly as they are somewhat tardy when it comes to returning the deposit (a month and still no sign…)

We are torn about returning. The stench of the human excrement in the “eco loos” is horrible, and given the amount of showers and toilets they DO have, the eco loos are a vanity thing. Which is ironic given how much they smell.

It’ll take more than a hole in the ground to save this planet, and it’ll take more than the return of my deposit to bring me back… a change of ownership maybe!

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Rating: -1 (from 1 vote)

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